Florence is the ideal destination for those who love to shop in an elegant atmosphere, but at hand. In fact, in this city you can walk around and achieve everything you desire in just two days and especially to buy in high-fashion shops and ateliers of Italian and international designers or find local handicrafts, considered one of the best in the world. You can find shops of used clothing and vintage and street markets where you can satisfy your fashion needs, by walking in the center of Florence, a wonderful city of art and culture. Are you worried about the cost? May be you don’t know that you can reach Florence wit a special deal:  2×1, travel in two paying one ticket.

Florence shopping

shopping firenze di lusso


Florence shopping: luxury

The luxury district is made up of these roads: Via Roma, Piazza Strozzi, Via della Vigna Nuova and the famous Via Tornabuoni.
Via dei Tornabuoni has an ancient tradition, in 1300, it was chosen by the greatest noble Florentine families such as the Antinori and Strozzi. The most prestigious fashion and jewelry boutiques take place in its historical buildings: Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Prada, Pucci and Ferragamo who has created his museum. Nearby, in Via della Vigna Nuova you can find stores like Lacoste or Etrò and in Piazza Strozzi Armani and Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Milord.
Near Duomo in Via Roma there are many luxury boutiques, including Gucci.
A walk through these streets will be like flipping through a high-fashion magazine. All the most famous Italian and international brands have here their showrooms. And even if you haven’t planned to buy anything, just the sight of local with beautiful frescoed ceilings, will give you a great satisfaction. Don’t forgerò to head to via dei Tosinghi where you can find Valentino’s boutique.

shopping firenze per tutti


Florence shopping: smart and chic

For those who want to give free rein to their shopping mania we suggest the streets in which you can limit the damage of your bank account: in Piazza della Repubblica and Via dei Cerretani, Via Calzaiuoli which leads to Piazza della Signoria from Piazza del Duomo, Via Por Santa Maria you will find more popular stores and shops such as La Rinascente and Italian and international chain stores such as Reasons, Intimissimi, Coin and H & M.
These are the busiest streets by tourists, Florentines and those who love to shop in Florence.

shopping firenze fatto a mano


Florence shopping: hand-crafted products

For hand-crafted items you will find in Piazza della Signoria and the surrounding areas especially attractive and unique shops, such as the Manufacture Signa. And if you go Oltrarno, you will discover a neighborhood for the lovers of high quality craft products. Via Romana,Santo Spirito andBorgo San Frediano  is the right itinerary for shopping in this city: shoes or jewelery atelier and accessories made by masters of long experience and creative ability and technique. Items intended to last for a long time.

shopping firenze di pelle


Florence shopping: leather products

Se la vostra ricerca punta su articoli di pelle, non potete non andare al mercato San Lorenzo,  dove potrete anche trovare sciarpe e maglioni in cashmere,  e nell’area di Santa croce. Qui potrete fare incetta di capi d’abbigliamento, borse e scarpe realizzati rigorosamente in pelle. Occhio sempre al prezzo e soprattutto alla manifattura, che sia originale. Se volete scoprire di più a Santa croce c’è la  Scuola del Cuoio. If you are looking for leather goods, you can’t miss San Lorenzo market or to the area around Piazza Santa Croce. In both areas there are several leather shops where you can find original Italian leather jacket or purses and much more leather gifts. If you are particularly interested in learning  about leather manufacturing, do not esitate to enter the Leather School.

shopping firenze preziosi


 Florence shopping: gold jewelry

No doubt, the place to find gold and jewelry is Ponte Vecchio. The goldsmith shops are located just on the bridge and they are renowned worldwide. The production of jewelry is handmade and of the highest level. Not only for tourists but for all connoisseurs. The gold tradition in Ponte Vecchio dates back to 1593 at the behest of Grand Duke Ferdinando I de ‘Medici, who wanted to transfer here the shops of goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewelers in order to better control the work of these artisans.

Shopping Firenze

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Do you want to go to Florence for a shopping tour??

2×1, travel in two paying one ticket.

2×1, travel in two paying one ticket