Are you looking for flights to Philippines? Equarlaes Viaggi is the travel agency specialized in making you gli to Philippines. A wonderful place to rest and to enjoy your holidays. More than 7.000 islands with a a blue sea. One of those island, Palawan, has been elected by Huffingtoon Post as the best island of the world.

If you book your family tickets you get a special gift: a taste of Philippines! Read more here. puoi scoprire qui.

Ask for a quotation of your family trip. you can fill this form or you can write us an

You can also give us a call to 06.87765650 and you will directly talk to one of our agent. If you pleased it you can come and meet us inn our agency office, in Via Duccio Galimberti 8, Balduina’s quarter in Rome, just 100 meters from Philippines Embassy. You can drink together a cappuccine while we plan your next flight to Philippines with your family.

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